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Damien on… Pee-Wee Herman

A recent showing of “Separate Tables” on TV, coupled with a report of a Police Chief who was nailed for performing an intimate act in his car, reminded me of an incident which I observed, many years ago.

I was seated in a cinema, watching an afternoon screening of “It’s All Happening”, when another drama played itself out in front of me.

There were only a handful of people in the audience. I was sitting in the middle, about fifteen rows back from the screen with no-one in front of me, until a couple of young women seated themselves about six rows down.

They’d been there for a while, when a middle-aged man came down and sat only two seats away, in the same row.

After a few minutes, the two young women got up and left.

And after a few more minutes, another man walked down the aisle, sidled along the row and spoke briefly to the first man. After which, he got up and left with the second man.

The whole thing was surreal, since at no time had voices been raised, thus with the sound from the movie having drowned out all conver- sations and with the cast of this episode having appeared to me in silhouette – from my point of view, the entire tableau had been played out like a silent movie.

At this juncture, I would LOVE to write, “…and that man was Pee-Wee Herman!”

But since the incident happened in England in 1963 – and like me, Paul Reubens was only 11 at the time (he was born just 10 days before me) – it would have been highly unlikely!


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