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Damien on… Swine ‘Flu

SARS, Bird ‘Flu – now it’s Swine ‘Flu. When this last made its debut, like many I suspect, I checked out what was known on the Interweb.

After all, in 1918 (thanks to Woody Wilson) Swine ‘Flu killed up to a hundred million people, world-wide (see “The World’s Greatest Mass-Murderer”, near the bottom of this column). So, something to take seriously, then – except no-one seems to know ANYTHING.

Some say it can’t be caught by eating pork, while others say it can.

Some say you can protect yourself by wearing masks (here in Thailand, in a typical knee-jerk reaction, the government have ordered all taxi-drivers to wear them) while others say they’re almost useless.

Some say we have vaccines that’ll cope with it, while others say mutations will render the vaccines ineffective.

And some say it’s a mild strain anyway, while others say it’s virulent.

So where does all this leave us? Well, I’ve come up with a SOLUTION and here it is: DON’T ACCEPT A BACON SANDWICH FROM ANYONE WEARING A SOMBRERO.

Glad to help.


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