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Damien on… “The Game”

Like me, you probably saw the usually urbane Jon Stewart almost LOSE it, in his epic encounter with Jim Cramer on The Daily Show. The reason? The fact that Jim and his type treat high finance as a GAME.

But that is how it is. World leaders, politicians, major bureaucrats, corporate movers and shakers, military brass and people of their ilk control our lives – and frequently our DEATHS – but to them, it’s ALL a Game.

And not only do they control the destinies of millions – they also control the BILLIONS of dollars, pounds, euros, zlotys. And therein lies the problem. If they stopped to think of the ENORMITY of their responsibility – it’d do their heads in.

So in order to enable them to function, they turn the whole thing into a bloody GAME. And it IS a bloody Game. Every time one of those megalomaniacs signs a piece of paper, they will indirectly cause people to DIE.

Little wonder Joe Stalin said, “One death is a tragedy – a million are a statistic.” He UNDERSTOOD what he was doing. The rest hide behind The Game.

And as with any Game, there are Rules. Like, in politics, you never “out” the opposition – reveal how REALLY corrupt they are – next time, it’ll be YOUR turn. In England, an MP can be THROWN OUT of The House for calling another MP a LIAR (it’s called “using un-parliamentary language”).

Then, what about just ONE of those bunch of people with several billions giving a few to CHARITY? Oh no. That money is what FUELS The Game. Those billions can NEVER be SPENT – thus they serve as POINTS (The Players must really HATE Bill Gates).

The Game stretches from the guy behind the desk at the Welfare bureau – it’s not HIS money he’s giving away, so why should he care? Because by giving you money, he loses Points – up to the oil sheik who runs a fleet of Rolls Royces, while outside his marble compound, people are starving to death.

And there are no lengths The Players won’t go to, in order to establish other Players. America funds dictators – going so far as to oust democratically elected leaders, in order to install them. The citizens in those countries who DIE – are “collateral damage”.

They’ll also supply the TOOLS for keeping The Game going – bombs, tanks, etc., But when a Player goes rogue – like Saddam – they’ll take them back. If they can FIND them. And if one goes TOO far and becomes an embarrassment – like Marcos – they’ll be thrown to the wolves.

But provided Players stick to the rules, the other Players care not WHAT carnage they wreak. And young, gullible men die in their MILLIONS, to wreak it (see “The War” – elsewhere in these chronicles).

So what can you do? Well, as far as the Big Game is concerned, very little. But where the SMALL Game is concerned – you can SUBVERT it. Identify the Players and massage them. Like, when your bank tries to rip you off, use lateral thinking and manipulation. Y’know – CHEAT.

You won’t beat the system – it’s older and stronger than YOU. Go head-to-head with it and it’ll BREAK you. So side-step it. Identify its weaknesses – that’s usually the PEOPLE (you can’t finesse a computer) – and Play to them. Call-centres are easy.

Their Players are low-level amateurs. Open with small-talk. Find out what town they’re in. If it’s IN your country, tell them you drove through it once and it looked nice. If they’re in a foreign country, tell them you’ve always wanted to go there. Then having established a rapport – ask them for their HELP (it works every time).

You may not stop a WAR – but you can save yourself paying a $50 “fine” for being overdrawn. Baby steps…


One Response to “Damien on… “The Game””

  1. And to think I used to believe that those who attack the powers-that-be were just whingers. It all seems such a long time ago…

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