The World According To Damien
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Damien on… Microwaves

So I bought this pizza. Now I like pizzas, but I’m not crazy about one of their main ingredients – tomatoes. Anyhay, the pizza was micro- wavable, so after pricking the cellophane, I bunged it in the nuker.

And after a bit… KA-BOOM!!!

It turned out the manufacturer had decided – for those who like even MORE tomato – to put a plastic SACHET of tomato sauce in with the pizza. Unfortunately, since the instructions were in Thai, I had been UNAWARE of this. Which would still have been okay – if they had put it ON TOP of the pizza – not hidden it UNDERNEATH.

Fortunately, the explosion had not been sufficient to take the DOOR off – but m’nuker now looks like a miniature Shakespearean company has played the last act of HAMLET in it!


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