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Damien on… "Down With Disco"

Back in the early Eighties, I heard about a rally being held in an American stadium, under the banner “Down With Disco”.

Now, given that by then, Disco WAS a bit blase, I assumed it was a jokey event being held for people who had become BORED by its monotonous beat and camp dancing styles. But in a STADIUM?!

Well, it turned out that the rally-ers (there IS no word for those who rally – I checked) were in fact a bunch of right-wing arseholes who hated Disco because they saw it as a culture that promoted faggotts and fornication (their words – not mine).

And a while back I wrote about this to a friend and posed the question – where was Bin-Liner when we’d NEEDED him? One big bomb and several hundred thousand bigoted, pencil-necked oxygen-thieves would have discovered their Next World doesn’t EXIST.


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