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Damien on… Bureaucracy

Bureaucrats are self-serving termites who eat away the sanity of our society. They’ll never use one form when ten will do. Their sole reason d’etre is to EXPAND. No head bureaucrat will ever SIMPLIFY the system they work in. The more little bureaucrats you have, filling in their little forms and stamping their little rubber stamps – the more POWER you have.

As you may have guessed, I have to visit the Consulate next week to get my visa extended.

But it has always been so. Two thousand years ago, a guy called Joseph had to take his heavily pregnant wife to the nearest big town to fill in a census form (they had no postal service in Bethlehem, two millennia ago). But of course, when he got there, the hotels were all full – hotels are always booked up at Christmas (thanks, Johnny) – so he and his wife ended up having to crash in a stable, where she ended up giving birth.

This would have been bad enough, but you have to pity poor old Joe. I mean, two thousand years on, he’s the most famous cuckolded man in history. Every year, millions of ten-year-old kids in bad beards go through the routine of glamorising the poor man’s plight.

According to history, his wife was a virgin – who gave birth to his son without any intervention by him.

What does that say about his MANHOOD? Catholics all over the World practically DEIFY his wife, without a thought for poor old Joe. I say it’s time we gave this man his due. His son may have turned out to be a drama queen whose teachings ended up causing more death and misery than Hitler, but that was hardly his fault.

And… what? Oh, yes. Bureaucrats. Sorry, I do tend to wander at times. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that these excrescences have been around a long time – and until we rise up and tell them what to DO with their little forms and little rubber stamps, they’ll CONTINUE their millennia-old practise of being a thorough-going PAIN IN THE ARSE.


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