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Damien on… The Truth About JFK’s Assassination

So now the truth CAN finally be told. Lee Harvey Oswald was NOT just a feeble-minded citizen with poor gun skills who got lucky – or had help. He was in fact an agent, sent from the future by the Historical Corrections Project, to right a major wrong.

If you have not heard, the story is this; in 2074, time travel will finally be perfected and the HCP will send one of their top agents back to 1962, to fulfil a mission from which he will not return.

You see, in Lee’s time-line, JFK carries on PAST that book depository in Dallas, eventually dying from a heart-attack, in 1981. But he is one of the lucky few to MAKE it that far – 90% of the World’s population having perished in WW3 – a nuclear holocaust that was STARTED by him following the Warsaw Pact countries’ invasion of Czechoslovakia, during the last months of his presidency.

Still stinging over the Cuba affair – where JFK had played “chicken” with them – THIS time, they had refused to back down.

Lee’s mission was simple; create a false identity, become a crack-shot with the primitive weapons of the time and nail JFK, before his posturings would go on to trigger the Final Holocaust. It was ironic that Jack Ruby never knew he’d gunned down the man responsible for SAVING more lives than any man in history.

Oh, and the Grassy Knoll? That was just a green VW Beetle with back-fire issues.

How do I know all this? Well, I don’t. I made it up. But it STILL makes more sense than the story of The Lone Gunman…


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