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Damien on… The British

Elsewhere in these columns, I’ve not been entirely complimentary about Americans. Okay, I was Yank-bashing (it’s the fashion these days) but I have American readers, so I decided the time was ripe to pass comment on MY people – The British.

The British are wonderful people. Warm, cuddly and perfect in every way… hell, even I’M not buying this. They’re apathetic, violent, narrow-minded, small-minded and BLOODY-minded. Their only saving grace is their sense of humour – which is the best in the World.

Trouble is, they NEED it! Since for decades, they’ve been “tail-end- Charlie” in Europe. Choose any¬†statistic affecting the quality of life and Britain lies at the BOTTOM. Housing, employment, transport, education, health, teen-pregnancy, finance, freedom, privacy and green issues (for instance Switzerland, a small, LAND-LOCKED country, has more clean beaches than Britain – a large ISLAND!)

How do I stand it? I don’t. I retired to Thailand – and consider myself an honorary Thai!


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