The World According To Damien
in a World gone mad – one sane voice emerges…

Damien on… Antarcticans

I have known, in the Biblical sense, over one hundred ladies in my time. And t’other day, this got me thinking – had I bonked my way around the World? Sadly, no. There are some TWO HUNDRED countries – and I can only claim about twenty of them.

Okay, what about CONTINENTS, then? No, AGAIN! Bloody ANTARCTICA is a continent – but one without countries. Various treaties have created a land where nationality doesn’t exist.

By international agreement, this forbidding land can only be used for peaceful scientific research. And whilst a handful of women HAVE given birth in the research stations, I understand the offsprings’ legal nationality is that of the country owning the stations concerned. DAMN!

However, MORALLY, these babies ARE ANTARCTICANS. And I believe some of them are “of age”, now! Which begs the question, have any of them married – or been nailed by – people who have “known” people from the other six continents?

If so, their partner is a member of a VERY exclusive club…


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