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Damien on… Guy Fawkes v. Halloween

Back in the Sixties, as a British child, every 5th of November, I would celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. This involved a bonfire and FIREWORKS.

Unbeknown to me then, a few days earlier, American kids had celebrated Halloween, which involves dressing up in spooky fancy dress (Goths just wear their regular clothes) and going from door to door begging for sweets (Trick Or Treat).

But these days, in Britain, Guy Fawkes Night has virtually given WAY to Halloween, which Brit-kids think is COOLER, ’cause it’s AMERICAN. This despite the fact Halloween originated in Britain, but, like other non-Christian rituals, was suppressed by the Church.

And this works FINE for the British Government. For decades, they tried to suppress Guy Fawkes Night, due – THEY claimed – to the amount of injuries sustained by kids from the bonfires and fireworks.

However, given that Halloween involves kids ASKING strangers for sweets… are they REALLY any safer?

Or does the British government simply prefer Brit-kids to salute ghoulies and ghosties – and SCREW the Church – rather than celebrate a dashing TERRORIST who ALMOST succeeded in BLOWING UP PARLIAMENT – which would have KILLED many of their number?

YOU decide.


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