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Damien on… Weather Forecasting

Weather forecasting is a CON.

The only thing that mega-expensive technical junk does, is tell you what the weather is doing NOW. But you can find THAT out just by looking out the WINDOW.

Most of what these smug charlatans do is look at the satellite pictures for the last 24 hours, note the trends – and assume those trends will CONTINUE. Problem is, the factors which affect weather are so varied (like a woman in Ipswich, England, lights a bonfire and three days later it rains in Ipswich, Australia) in reality, ANYTHING might happen.

Even a MAJOR system like a tornado can twist, turn or stop dead. But undeterred, these hustlers confidently predict what effect minor fluctuations will have in SEVEN DAYS TIME. They even show weather maps – with DETAIL – for that time. Use your VCR, PVR, DVD-R or whatever, and try comparing those prediction maps with the maps of what ACTUALLY HAPPENS and you’ll see how laughable that is.

You might as well just GUESS what the weather will do in a week’s time – you’ve got just as much chance of being right as the “professionals”.

I prefer those TV weather forecasts where the presenters perform a STRIPTEASE while they’re delivering it. Provided they haven’t had “augmentation”, it’s at least HONEST – and entertaining.


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