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Damien on… Copyright

Earlier in these chronicles, this scribbler touched on the subject of the record companies. In particular, how after decades of greed and paranoia, they were now DYING.

Well, it appears the beast is now threshing around in its death-throes – and HURTING its former customers.

Specifically, it has come to the attention of this historian that SOME companies – by THREATENING legal action – are extorting huge “fines” from guys whose only crime was to make a “mix-tape” (or nowadays, mix-DISK) for their girl-friend.

Now in the past, the issue of ordinary people committing “copyright theft” every time they used their cassette-recorder or VCR has been answered by the “gentleman’s agreement” that said if no MONEY was being made, no action would be taken.

In other words, your Granny didn’t have to fear that guys wearing flak-vests would come swinging through her front-room windows with stun-grenades every time she recorded her favourite soap.

But it appears that in their desperation, SOME companies have decided to rescind the previous policy – and circumvent the LAW – and get TOUGH.

So far, this nastiness appears to have been limited to The States – but since their absurdities inevitably tend to infect the rest of the World sooner or later… watch OUT.


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