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Damien on… Plastic Water Bottles

Regarding the below piece on recycling: I discovered a couple of reference pieces had been attached to it, on the subject of plastic water bottles. Now this is a related, but SEPARATE issue – with which I AGREE WHOLE-HEARTEDLY.

Living in Thailand, this is another pet peeve. You see, unlike America, our tap-water is NOT fit for drinking (you can tooth-brush with it, but that’s all) and thus bottled water is VERY popular. And again, unlike America, it’s CHEAP – forget $3-4 – just 25c a pop.

And as a result, this being a hot, humid country, tourists go through MILLIONS of ’em (WAY more than are used for SOAP – which makes the nonsense of “sachets” even MORE annoying).

All of which would be bad enough (waste of OIL, etc.) but the main problem is that when they’ve finished with them, many tourists throw ’em in the SEA – where (as one of the reference pieces I spoke of pointed out) they do NOT DISAPPEAR. MILLIONS of them end up littering our damn BEACHES.

And there IS a SOLUTION. I take no credit for it, ’cause it’s been done before and it WORKS. You sell water in standard, reusable GLASS bottles – with a MASSIVE DEPOSIT on said bottle. Then you force ALL retailers to honour the deposit. Thus a customer picks up a bottle of water at one store – drinks it – then when they need more, takes it to ANY store, where they are given a new one – and their deposit back on the old one. Problem solved.

(Incidentally, being a RESIDENT of Thailand, I get MY drinking water from a local supplier in huge re-usable bottles – the type you find on water-coolers – for just 25c a go. And when I travel, I make sure any bottles I buy – end up in a BIN).

Of course, the issue of bottled water being a “trendy” CON in countries where the tap water is FINE… is an issue that has already been DONE. Leaving me to rant about OTHER issues!


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